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About Us

DORA ENTERPRISES is a newly developed company with sole distribution from many foreign companies and capable of designing and developing its own branded products, (Medical Dialysis Disposable and Equipment) which are now widely used in many hospitals at different levels, is also involved in Marketing and Distributing Health Care Products across Pakistan and representing leading Global Health Care Companies around the Globe.

Our ultimate goal is to provide better treatment and therapies which are cost effective and improves the quality of life for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The Company has grown by focusing on a strong platform, the core dialysis business, providing innovative product technologies and patient care therapies. Our innovative technology is a major driver that has earned us the recognition in our industry.

We, at DORA ENTERPRISES are performance driven, working as a team with imagination and innovation for the satisfaction of our customers, aiming to attain a leading position in the health care market.

Our Manufacturing Facilities are ISO 9001; ISO13485 and CE 0197/0434 certified. Specializing in producing Hemodialysis BTL Tubing’s, AV Fistula Needle, Dialyzers and Bicarb Solutions of all types and formulations via: powder & solutions for different brands of machine, which is provided at a very nominal cost to the End users.

In Pakistan there are approximately 25,000 new patients of end-stage-renal-disease added each year and about 90% of these die within the first year due to poverty, ignorance, and non-affordability of dialysis. Hence there is a need of low-cost and good quality hemodialysis facilities.

Since 1995, state of the art Hemodialysis facility is being run under our specialists and we are proud to claim best among the rest.

By virtue of introduction of low-cost, high-quality imported Hemodialysis Concentrate in the country by the DORA ENTERPRISES, there has been a breakthrough and now about 85-90% of kidney-failure patients are getting Best dialysis experience.

We expanded our Enterprise foundation for further growth and strengthened our position in market, and we will expand patient care with selective acquisitions and joint ventures. Our business structure and operational excellence provides us with the means to expand into new business fields, such as Liver support system, by leveraging our position in product supply.

DORA ENTERPRISES Dialysis division is committed to serve their costumer's with the Best Dialysis Experience at a very economical price, best designed Dialysis Equipment and water treatment plants at your door step.

Now best quality products with affordable prices are just a phone call away from you.

The powder form of Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Concentrate (part A & B) is the newer introduction, which will further cut down the cost of dialysis for the miserable and non-affording end-stage kidney-failure patients.

DORA Blood tubing lines, Fistula Needles, Dialyzer and concentrate solutions have been very popular among the patients all over Pakistan from Karachi to Khyber from day-1st of their introduction.

DORA ENTERPRISES is importing their products on performed manufacturing standards of ISO8638 and on CE European standards. BTL Tubing’s of DORA comes with a FLUID BARRIER, which is a very essential device used during Dialysis and it’s compulsory for all the dialysis center’s to use it which other companies don’t offer free of cost with BTL Tubing’s.

DORA AV Fistula Needle comes in 15G, 16G &17G and further we have specified our needles into two more categories

  • Fixed Wing with Back eye 300mm length
  • Rotatable Wing with Back eye 300mm length

Most importantly our Fistula Needle’s are best for end users, easy & simple to use by technical staff.