SWS—5000  Artificial  

SWS—5000 Artificial Liver Support System known as CBPE

(Artificial Liver Support System) CBPE is an important management system for the treatment of hepatic failure. The monitor for Continuous Renal Replacement Treatment SWS-5000 allows for various treatments such as PE (Plasma exchange), PA (Plasma adsorption), HP (Hemoperfusion), CVVH (Hemofiltration), CVVHD (Dialysis), CVVHDF (Hemodiafiltration), and DFP (Double filtration plasmapheresis) SCUF (Slow Ultrafiltration) when treating Acute Renal Failure. It can exchange and manage the plasma of the severe hepatopathy by using the blood cleansing technology, so that clears away the poisonous substances like Endotoxin, bilirubin etc. And at the same time, supplies various blood coagulation factors in the plasma to abate the patient’s symptom and improve the blood coagulation Mechanism of the patient. It can replace the metabolism, detoxicating and synthesis functions of the liver temporarily, provide necessary extrinsic function supports for the severely pathologic changed livers to help the patient to pull through the critical stage and gain precious time for the further clinical treatment (like the liver transplantation etc.). Easy to use interface for the technical staff, Pre select profiles for the convenience of program selection. Weili-8888 is a user friendly system fully automated, with enhance safety controls. The configuration of the SWS-5000 system and respective accessories allows for a more flexible management of the different events that occur during treatment

Advanced Technology

Integrated automatic controlling technology, touch screen, ultrasonic Air detection, precise Pressure sensor and heating module make system more safe and reliable.

Extensive Indications

Acute and chronic severe hepatitis

Perfect System

SWS-5000 provides exclusive safe systems, the automatic control of the high-precision scales, which rigorously control all of the critical parameters (volume, pressure, flow) associated with different therapies